Marché Ultime Bougie Parfumée

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Marché Ultime Bougie Parfumée

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A classic, made anew. Montage and GLOSS MODERNE have created a fragrance, inspired by the scents of California and composed by master perfumers in Grasse, France. Marché Ultime is a modern interpretation of California’s essence where light florals including white jasmine and sweet rose mingle with bright citrus notes of California lemon, mandarin, bergamot and grapefruit to evoke a lifestyle that is rooted in an airy sense of optimism. A base of blonde woods, oakmoss and amber create a foundation where nature and its bounty invigorate and refresh. A place we know well. This is Marché Ultime.

Our exquisite vegan candle is hand-poured and housed in European modern glass vessels designed to be repurposed, a beautiful statement of our commitment to luxury, quality and sustainability at GLOSS MODERNE.

 8 oz.

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