Silk Sponge Set

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Silk Sponge Set

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Living up to its name, our silk sponge is as soft as…well, silk. Traditionally used for more delicate areas, such as the face, our silk sponge is still perfectly suited for washing off make-up or just the remains of the day.

Sea sponges are considered a sustainable resource thanks to their ability to regenerate. They are biodegradable and our traditional method of collecting the sponges does not cause any damage to the environment. Natural sea sponges will last for years with proper care.

Refresh your face any time of day with our soft, sensual silk sponges. These luxurious sponge are packaged in a box of two.

Add your face cleanser or favorite bar soap directly to the sponge and enjoy the silky caress on your skin.

When finished, squeeze out the water and keep in a dry place in your bathroom. A sponge will air dry completely and is naturally resistant to bacterial growth.

If, for some reason, your sponge needs freshening, you can soak for 24 hours in a very mild bleach solution (1 tsp. per gallon).

Harvested by hand off the Gulf of Mexico

  • Size: Size varies, approximately 2.5" - 3"
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