My First Baobab Brussels Max 08 Candle by Baobab Collection

My First Baobab Brussels Max 08 Candle by Baobab Collection-image96
My First Baobab Brussels Max 08 Candle by Baobab Collection-image85

My First Baobab Brussels Max 08 Candle by Baobab Collection

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The Brussels scented candle with its black and gold silkscreen print pays homage to Victor Horta's architecture.

Fragrance Notes: Cypress - Sandalwood - Honey

An art nouveau atmosphere for this candle, whose blend of sandalwood cypress and honey will transport you to the atmosphere of a family home.

Max 08:

  • 1 wick
  • 30 hours burn time
  • 1.5" W x 2.6" H
  • The above burning times are indicative only and can vary from one model to the other. The indicated burning time assumes a correct usage of the candle.


    During burning, it’s important to wait for the entire surface of the candle to liquefy before putting it out. This will prevent the formation of craters, which are both aesthetically displeasing and make future burning difficult. The first time you light your candle should be longer than the following times. Put aside some time so that the entire surface may liquefy. 

    It is also recommended that you blow out the candle an hour after the surface has liquefied. This will make the candle last longer since liquid wax evaporates quickly.

    Also make sure never to burn your candle when it has one centimeter of wax left. Lighting your candle without sufficient wax can cause the glass to burst.

    Craftsmanship: Each candle is hand blown by master glass craftsmen with a unique ancestral knowledge. Every candle is therefore unique. 

    Raw materials: The Materials used are meticulously selected in order to create a scented candle of the highest quality.  All ingredients are sourced in Europe. We use a high-quality wax, made in Germany. The glass is hand-blown in Poland, and the Egyptian cotton wicks are assembled in Germany. All fragrances are developed by the greatest aroma facilities in Grasse and Switzerland.


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